Author: JD

And Here Is The End

“End? No, the journey doesn’t end here.” And the journey never ends for us. There are always new paths to take, new people that we include on our journey, and new ideas that change our resolve. I must say that this past semester has rocked every notion of education I have had before to its very core. For the first… Read more →

Those article groups though!

“So it’s come down to this huh?” “You knew where this was headed right from the start, friend?” “You lost that honor of friendship long ago!” “IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT” “HAVE AT YOU… what…” “….What?” “What is that?” “…My weapon of mass destruction?” “…Dave you taped copper wire around an extendable toy lightsaber and connected it to some… Read more →

“What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy” or Inheriting The Identity of an Intergalactic Robo-Badass from the Third Dimension, etc.

“So I had to sneak into this prison to save a prisoner who held delicate Intel about the local Soviet research group. However, this base was guarded by snipers, dudes with helmets, and dogs that they would have patrol around the perimeter to sniff me out. So, in order to get past the dogs, I crawled through the riverbed in… Read more →

Echoes From the Screen – Richgels

“Taps a key, waking the computer from its reverie” From Kentucky Route Zero You’re looking for a specific answer? No…just a stone. A stone? For what reason? Something to hold in my hand. I don’t understand, why? To hold on something real. To realize that, for one moment, I have a grasp on something in life. To realize that I can… Read more →

“Customary ‘Ways’ To Introduce Yourself” –JD Richgels

“You’ve returned? Kept you waiting huh?” WHY HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome back to ‘The Blog’. In light of the recent attack, and victory, of ‘The Blogs’ we now commemorate our new overlords with supplemental reading! Because…you know…ruling the world can be a little boring…that’s a thing right? Anyways, today we are discussing the writings of Mary Hamilton and the idea of… Read more →