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Group Presentations

I thought that each group did an excellent job on their workshops. They each kept the class active while presenting good information about their topics. It was also fun and interesting to participate in the various activities that each group had us do.  Adolescent Literacy In the adolescent literacy workshop some of the ideas I took from the workshop was… Read more →


Video Games, Literacy, And Making Mistakes

“The game encourages him to think of himself an active problem solver, one who persists in trying to solve problems even after making mistakes; one who, in fact, does not see mistakes as errors but as opportunities for reflection and learning.” – What Video Games Have To Teach Us About Learning And Literacy I start with this quote from the… Read more →


MCuenca: If You Want Something Done Right….

I can understand Keri Franklin’s initial frustration with Twitter. It’s not an easy thing to be able to access right away almost like the campus wifi but I digress. It’s through digital literacy sponsorship that Franklin was able to learn the language of Twitter and I think that really highlights how different digital literacy sponsorship is to print based sponsorship.… Read more →


MCUENCA: Literacy Interview Assignment

For this assignment I interviewed my mom so here’s just a small part of the interview. What kinds of writing did you see your parents, siblings, and other family members doing as you were growing up? What did they read, where, and when? Letters to distant family members (in cursive) was grandpa’s main writings, it seemed as he was the… Read more →


MCuenca: Literacy Ain’t No Monkey Business

(The title aside this isn’t actually about monkeys or any monkey business, sadly.)  In the Hamilton article, the section about literacy events and what defines those events caught my interest. Specifically, this part that states that a literacy event is ” any occasion in which a piece of writing is integral to the nature of participants interactions and their interpretive processes”.… Read more →


MCUENCA: Press Start To Begin

I actually find the title of this post misleading because I honestly don’t know how to start this blog post at all but I’m going to try. I am originally from the bay area ( I lived about 30-40 mins away from San Francisco). I’m an English major and am aiming for a minor in Japanese. I’ve always been interested… Read more →