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the end

The End!

I cannot believe that the first semester of my sophomore year is already over. People really weren’t joking when they said that high school goes by fast, but college flies by. This semester I was really lucky to have such great teachers. It was my first semester that I took major courses, as I just declared English Education. I have… Read more →

teen social media

Adolescent Identity and Literacy

I was fortunate enough to have my last two group projects somewhat reflect each other, in terms of what they are researching and ideas we get to dive into. For book club, I read “Just Girls” with my group, which discussed how junior high aged girls find and develop their identities. My article group has been reflecting on the ideas… Read more →

just girls post one million

So just like Claire said, I am pretty sure the theme of just girls is pretty clear after a plethora of blogs have been posted giving a description of what the book entails. The book is about middle school aged girls, and their social practices. Specifically, the book zones in on two groups, the “hard cookies” (the less cool/popular girls),… Read more →