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Thank you, Jedi Master

     In all honesty I walked into this class feeling completely burnt out even though we had just come back from summer break. English had been something I had loved my entire life. The only thing I was even sort of good at without having to study my booty off for. I grew up with books endlessly being handed… Read more →

Pop Culture and Maker Culture

Having spent the last couple weeks reading different articles about maker culture has been inspiring. From a future teacher’s point of view it has been a chance to remember why I picked this major. It’s been a little invitation from the universe (aka our amazing Professor, Kim Jaxon) to step outside of typical homework to consider all of the possibilities… Read more →

The Actual Superheroes

     Let’s take it back to second grade. It really is amazing how remarkable and brilliant children are. Cooties are an actual thing and no one in the classroom wants to be labeled as “boyfriend and girlfriend”. Imagine… if only cooties had stayed real throughout at least part of high school. Imagine all the young hearts that would’ve been… Read more →

Watercolors and Literacy

Literacy in the beginning was everything to me. Reading and writing meant something more than just survival. As a first grader this word “literacy” opened new doors. For the first time the letters all around me came together to make up words. As I grew up the words individually were forgotten and instead it was about the worlds that were… Read more →

Katie Woodward Engl332 September 13, 2015   Alexa Woodward (my cousin)     Try to think of your earliest memories of writing and reading.  What do you remember of reading and writing before you began school?  Who helped you with it and what was that like?   My mother placed a high value on literacy, and began reading to my… Read more →

Power of the Badge

The more we dive into defining “literacy” the more lost I become. It’s like this intricate maze that was always there, but because I never asked the right questions, I hadn’t known existed. In the Hamilton reading I thought that the section about “Literacy on the Body” was interesting. It states, “the large amount of writing which can be seen… Read more →

The Dreaded Box

Hello everyone, my name is Katie Woodward and this is my second year at Chico State. I’m from Yuba City and for those of you who have been there I’m sure you’ll agree that there is absolutely nothing there. Except of course for the annual Sikh Parade, which brings thousands of Sikhs from around the world to our small little… Read more →