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Super creative title

Literacy. A word that didn’t really have any meaning to me at the beginning of the semester, but now I have spent 3 months reading, discussing, and writing about this word. So, now I write this final blog post and I ask myself, “What have I learned?” I think that what I have learned the most about literacy is that… Read more →

My very late reflection…

Everyone did such a fantastic job with their article groups! It was so fun being a part of all of the presentations. After reading “Just Girls”, I thought it would be fun to swap over to Hip-Hop and literacy which was awesome! I was so surprised at the raps that everyone came up with, and after reading everyone’s blog posts… Read more →


“I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, and you don’t stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat” Enough of that. So…how does hip-hop relate to literacy? After reading multiple articles, I now know how to answer that question!… Read more →

Just Girls

So by now I am sure that after 8 blog posts about the book Just Girls, everyone knows that it is about two groups of girls, during the best years of your life…MIDDLE SCHOOL! Basically, there are the “Social Queens” and the “Tough Cookies” and the whole reason for the book is to study their literacy practices. Unfortunately, the entire… Read more →

Bloggity Blog Blog

During these past few weeks of class we have read, discussed, and questioned what the word “literacy” means. There are so many different ways to describe what literacy means to us, and it all depends on the person. Literacy will vary by each individual, based on experiences and relationships. Different authors have provided clear understanding of what they have researched… Read more →

Lessons for grandma…

Patience is one of the most important traits to possess, especially when both your grandmas purchase iPhones. In this case I was not personally learning a new literacy, but I was helping my grandmothers dive into the world of technology. Much like Keri Franklin, they were scared, frustrated, but also excited to begin this new journey. However, they needed someone… Read more →

Digital Literacy

In the Hamilton article, there is a passage that talks about the many different “artefacts” that are involved with literacy. One of these mentioned is a computer, which she describes as a writing tool. My image shows a group of people using computers, in what I assume to be a classroom. Looking at the photo, one does not know exactly… Read more →


Hello peers & professor, My name is Melissa Smith, and this is my first year at Chico State! I’m a transfer student from So-Cal, and am more than excited to be up here. My current plan is to major in English Education, and hopefully teach high school in the future. Showing up to the first week of classes had me… Read more →