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Final Reflection: DONE

It is that time of the year to reflect on what I have received from this class as a whole throughout the semester. So a few things I would like to share that I learned about literacy and teaching include literacy between technology, adolescence, gaming, and making.              Literacy is often known has the ability… Read more →

It’s Really Complicated

Group Presentations Overview

During the group presentations, I was able to obtain a lot of information I was still unfamiliar about. For example, the gaming and literacy group was a topic I could not wrap my head around until the day of their presentation. Honestly, I feel like I could not understand it because gaming is not something that is in my whole… Read more →


How do you find your identity?

For my article group, I decided to go for adolescent identity and literacy because I wanted to be able to use my what I learned from my readings of Just Girls for the article groups. In addition, the book was around girls finding their identity through different social groups. Furthermore, in most of our article readings, we are finding a connection with… Read more →


Book Club Review

In the text Just Girls, there is a separation of queens and cookies. In the book we start to read about each characteristic and how they can be similar. Mostly the queens are considered “not smart” and more popular. On the other hand the cookies are considered smart but “not popular” We then go into how the classrooms effect the girls.… Read more →

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What is Lit?

             From the readings in class, I was able to grab many different perspectives in describing literacy. There are no wrong answers when defining literacy because you can view it in many ways, either in a positive or negative way. However, I grabbed literacy in a positive way. At first, I had thought that literacy… Read more →


How do we use it?

Yes, I am that one friend that is constantly asking questions on how to use certain types of Apps. I view sponsorship to digital literacy the same as print based  literacy. You go and seek help and guidance in order to understand something. The only difference is the objective since the steps to learning something may be similar to each… Read more →


Did you like it?

I found this respond the most interesting when asking Jorge. The question was, ” Who helped you with reading and writing and how? Did you like it?.” He responded,” My mom was the one that would help me with reading and writing, she would read to us every night and she would also act out the stories while she dressed… Read more →


First Blog of the Semester!

Hello,     My name is Gaby and I am currently over thinking the whole process on how to “Blog correctly.”  So here I go. My last name is Luevanos and I am the second oldest out of four. My older sister is my best friend and a huge supporter of my education. Through our talks I have realize what… Read more →