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It has no end

Almost everyone in class knows my claim of the first thing I learn but I feel it will be a story I tell when asked about this class, so let’s start this blog off with that C- story once again. The first day in class we were told to do was to write down what we considered literacy and I… Read more →


What I learn

I found all the group presentations a fun and exciting event, each one had their own unique way of involving us which goes to show how creative each one of our groups really are. Adolescent Literacy: First off, being the first of anything is a tough job. The first has to set the standard and can’t even benefit from other… Read more →


Gaming in Education

While searching through these articles, videos, and PowerPoint three things emerged: environment, tools, and community. When talking about environment it simply means the environment in which you play games and how that contributes to your overall experience. Tools are the technological elements that the participant uses in order to play the game thus increasing technological literacy. Community is the team… Read more →


Remixing Moby-Dick a study of a study

In the class room there seems to be a sort of demanded reading process; a strict analytical read that focuses on a specific element that the teacher, school, or bureaucracy believes to be of the utmost important. Reading in A Participatory Culture: Remixing Moby-Dick in the English classroom is study of a new manner of education, one that is more open to… Read more →


Literacy as of now

I would like to start of this blog with a sort of recap of what I had initially believed literacy to look like. When I first thought of the concept of literacy I figured it had to connect with what I read. A simplistic list: novels, articles, and online short stories. I’m sure I may have thought of more but… Read more →


Sponsor-Sponsee Relationships

What is a sponsor? Thank you Mr. Macguffin I would love to answer that! Well, in essence, it is someone/thing that influences your decisions due to a prior exposure, a sort of scratch-get-scratch mentality. However, in the case of literacy, a sponsor is someone who helps you improve your literacy: to use the machine, technology, or syntax available to creat… Read more →