Author: angelnelson24

Article Groups Were Fire

Young Thug, Blue Scholars and Cunnilinguists? Crap what did I get myself into. Hip-hop isn’t my choice in genre but it was my choice for article groups. I didn’t know anything about different rappers or artists. It’s not that I don’t like hip-hop it just doesn’t grab my attention like it does with everyone else. But this isn’t the point.… Read more →

Hip-Hop in the Classroom

At first hip-hop might not sound like an appropriate way to teach students. But after thinking about all the things I remember learning they were often lessons taught through music and rhyme. It works and not only a good tool for the English classroom. After reading several articles about hip-hop being a good tool to use in the class room.… Read more →

Tween to Teen

It’s weird. Not really weird but I guess it’s more of a feeling of nostalgia. It might have been written in the 1990’s but it’s all so similar even in 2007 and 2008. Almost twenty years later and it’s all still the same. Being a girl who’s been on both sides, I can easily relate. Margaret Finders takes a look… Read more →

Literacy is Gr8

“What the hell does brb mean?” 14 year old me after getting a text from a friend. Let’s be honest we all have had to stop and try to decode jumbles of letters. I never had the guts to ask a friend what something stood for. I mean who wants to look stupid? My generation has been constantly put down… Read more →

I’m sorry I forget

I’m sorry I got frustrated. He was having a hard time trying to figure out what the printer icon looked like and maybe I wasn’t explaining it correctly. Maybe talking on the phone was a little difficult. We got the paper the print eventually. He thanked me with some enthusiasm and I felt some relief. I forget that my Dad didn’t… Read more →

First Blog Ever

I just thought of ten different things to do besides writing this post. Let the procrastination begin! My name is Angel. I am a transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. This first week has already exhausted me. I was originally a business major and after two years I realized that I could never sit in a little box for the… Read more →