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book club discussion

While reading this book I’ve paid special attention to James Paul Gee’s use of the phrase, “unfortunately, this is often what we do in schools.” Gee’s foundation of his connection between video games and literacy relates a lot to the way people crave an interactive learning experience. If a video game is too challenging or

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Thoughts on Literacy-Grant

Every time I think about literacy I always tend to connect to general categories. First, I think about reading and writing and the use of text. Szwed’s piece was a key first piece for me to consider about literacy because I think it’s important to realize how often literacy practices are developing and changing and adding

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twittter pic for blog


I find this piece very interesting because the author outlines the process of learning a new literacy in a way I can understand and relate to. I used a very similar process when I joined twitter. Unfortunately my user name for all social media, to this day, is a result of my 14-year-old awkward sense

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Grant-Hamilton Article

In the Hamilton article, I found the last three paragraphs on page 26 and 28 interesting. She defines the categories, which her research images can be grouped into. The groups include: interactions between people and texts, literacy in the environment, writing on the body, and reproductions of documents. I was a bit lost when I

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