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So much information, so little time

So we’ve arrived at the end… This class was completely surprising.  It didn’t talk about literacy in the way I expected.  It didn’t focus on literacy as specifically learning to read and write and when it did, it expanded our preexisting ideas of what these texts about which the public so desperately needs to learn to read and write were exactly. … Read more →

A Synthesis and Some Mulling -Brooke Wagner

So far, all of the readings have been expanding my understanding, and maybe the general meaning, of what literacy is.  Traditionally, literacy is defined as an ability to read and write.  This definition makes teaching literacy seem almost easy.  However, all of the authors we’ve seen have challenged this idea.  They have argue that literacy is a multifaceted concept with… Read more →

Wagner: Quantifying Literacy

Literacy has been an important part of my life since it began.  So much of our culture revolves around reading that, although not everyone fits the known stereotype of a “reader,” we all do it avidly.   My parents read to me at bedtime before I started school and although I don’t have any memory of the actual experience, I… Read more →