Author: edlujan

Literacy as Accountability

This Is what I believe about literacy learning and teaching…. at this moment. That we are in charge of who is literate and who is not. I have also learned that we participate as teachers, even when we do not think we are, and our practices, then as teachers, enhance or deplete literacy depending on those that can read us.… Read more →

Transform yourself, Its good for you.

While dissecting the book, What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy, our book club has discovered not only a tangible analysis of hands on learning principles but also a guide toward understanding the hidden processes within the acts of reading and writing, that without the illustration that video games have given us, would be otherwise unnoticed… Read more →

Digital Literacies as an eager learners playground

Sponsorship in digital literacies have a strength over sponsors of print based literacies in that digital interaction has shaped into a culture of an eager learners playground, and print based literacy, into one of definite choice and forceful thinking. The solidity that gives print based literacy its power as Brandt explains in Accumulating literacy, when combined with the option of… Read more →