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We have read quite a bit about literacy learning and teaching. We looked through many articles, conducted interviews, and read books. After all this consideration, my beliefs about literacy and learning have changed. I believe all people are literate to some extent in various subjects. This conclusion is drawn in part from the Szwed piece which showed how we are… Read more →

Article groups

It was interesting seeing the other groups present. Before the groups led activities, I was particularly interested in how the other groups concepts can give me a  more nuanced understanding of literacy; each group pointed out different facets of literacy.  Presentations triggered my curiosity about literacy as a many faceted subject. For example, there was a crucial take away from… Read more →

Book club!

This week, our group worked on Anne Dyson’s Writing Superheroes. In this book the author describes observations of an elementary school class’s small plays, which are written and acted out by students. Dyson also tells us the social context of children and how they construct their works for the student author’s theater. She is able to see the same themes,… Read more →


Sponsors of literacy can play a crucial role in successfully learning a literacy practice. My most recent attempt to learn a new literacy practice was with Mandarin Chinese. During this experience, I had sponsors of literacy such as my professor and the student aids for the class. There is no form of Chinese that’s similar to english. Unlike spanish letters,… Read more →

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 This last reading got me thinking about how literacy events are related to literacy practices. Hamilton defined literacy events as “any occasion in which a piece of writing is integral to the nature of participants interactions and their interpretive processes.” I think this says something about learning in more terms than just literacy. For instance, by extrapolation, we can assume… Read more →

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Hi,   I’m Franzo and I’m an English major. I have always enjoyed learning new things, so I’ve always been into documentaries and books about philosophy and science. As far as my writing goes, I would like to write articles and documentaries on various subjects. My motivation for getting a degree in English is due, in part, to the importance I… Read more →