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Week 6 Things

Howdy everyone, We have a lot going on in this week: Reading and discussing Baron’s “From Pencils to Pixels…” (please post a question/passage before class in your group’s shared Google Doc per usual) Watching and reading some things together in class. Thinking about new literacies Doing some synthesis work with Szwed, Williams, Brandt, Baron…asking: what do you know about literacy studies as of now?… Read more →


Week 5 Reminders

Reading Deborah Brandt’s “Accumulating Literacy…” for class tomorrow (9/19). Pay attention to her definitional work with “piling up” and “spreading out” on page 652. Could be interesting to look at your literacy narratives for traces of literacy past, present, and future. Please remember to talk about a passage, pose a question, etc in your group’s Google Doc before class tomorrow. The link… Read more →