Keep Calm because Literacy is Like a Box of Chocolates -Tice

I was quite interested in the area of Hamilton’s article of what i will call “Literacy as” . The multiple forms literacy could be included in the article were Threat, Defiance, Evidence, Accessory, Display, and Ritual Public Gesture. While it is always much easier to go about something like this when there is a clear definition of what literacy is, if i have learned anything it is that there is no clear and all inclusive definition that everyone goes by and accepts.

Literacy as Display is meant to signify “individual or group identity”. This is very prominent today, with the invention of social media platforms.  The definition of literacy has changed over time, and so has society’s ways of making this happen. Take the Keep Calm movement into social media. I have more of an interest in the original Keep Calm and Carry On propaganda. Then again I have an interest in British culture. As people added different things to it, has it become its own form of propaganda? An image meant to bring people together and separate those who are true to the cause (be it Doctor Who or buying shoes) from those who are not.

I didn’t get into or even understand the idea of the display until i was nearly twenty-two. That was when i was convinced to get a Facebook, and even then it was not filled with memes or other forms of entertainment based pictures. It was people taking on an imaginary wall. As I got deeper into the black hole that is Facebook, i found them all. “Keep calm and watch SuperWhoLock”. I still wonder if there is a secret organization that is gonna mix all three of these shows.  “One does not simply define Literacy”.  I don’t know if that exists if not theres an idea for someone. Those are just the ones I can remember at the moment. Because there are more ways to display our literacy, it is not just on hats, shirts, bags, cups, and the idea that brand name articles of clothing can act as a display of literacy. It is everywhere, and you never know what you’re gonna get.

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  1. JD
    September 9, 2015 at 11:15 am

    It basically is almost like a clash between different interests and cultures. (Sorry brain on flu medicine!)
    So yeah uh I really like the idea of having a split within current generations and how those are influenced by past generations and interests.
    You have one half interested in history and connections while the other is interested in current connections.
    -JD (anyways after a half-baked response)

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