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Pop Culture and Maker Culture

Pop Culture and Maker Culture

Having spent the last couple weeks reading different articles about maker culture has been inspiring. From a future teacher’s point of view it has been a chance to remember why I picked this major. It’s been a little invitation from the universe (aka our amazing Professor, Kim Jaxon) to step outside of typical homework to consider all of the possibilities that teaching has to offer.

What I found interesting was that in the majority of the schools that offered maker culture opportunities the schools were very privileged private schools. Maybe in the generations to come we will somehow figure out how to incorporate and encourage maker culture teaching strategies in ALL classrooms. Maker culture encourages kids from a young age to create without boundaries or rules. This idea tied in nicely with the book I had to read, Writing Superheroes. This book sparked conversations about how from a young age kids push boundaries set by society simply because they are not aware of them yet. There’s no such thing as limitations. It’s only when adults enforce these norms that young children quickly begin to catch on to the limitations. Maker culture reminded me of these conversations because it focuses on creativity. And when this creativity is an option kids rise to greatness. On top of this maker culture is an invitation to create things TOGETHER. It is a tool that can spark new conversations and bring people together. In our group we can’t come to a clear answer to one question. Does your creation have to have a purpose or a function. Or can it simply be considered art. I believe they are one in the same but I don’t know to the answer to this question and I also don’t believe there is only one question to it. But it is one that would be interesting to ask our class.

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  1. love this: “On top of this maker culture is an invitation to create things TOGETHER.” Yes, so important to think about opportunities for collaboration.

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