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Hip-Hop in the Classroom

Hip-Hop in the Classroom

At first hip-hop might not sound like an appropriate way to teach students. But after thinking about all the things I remember learning they were often lessons taught through music and rhyme. It works and not only a good tool for the English classroom.

After reading several articles about hip-hop being a good tool to use in the class room. Dr. Pedro, a professor at NYU, spoke about using hip-hop and rap to help students study. He made a comment about how kids can easily remember song lyrics but have a harder time remembering school related things. He makes a point that students need new ways to learn things and teaching them the old way isn’t working as well.

Another article that I’ve read was about how the brain works when free style rapping. The research on two rappers showed that while free styling a part of the brain, that controls the part of the brain where planning and complex behavior come from, was used less. They also found a connection in the brain where language, emotion, and physical movement is used and actually rose in activity.

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  1. That is something i have noticed in my group also. That the old way of teaching is not working with those that are trying to learn, yet the current education model is resistant to change.

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