Final Reflection: DONE

It is that time of the year to reflect on what I have received from this class as a whole throughout the semester. So a few things I would like to share that I learned about literacy and teaching include literacy between technology, adolescence, gaming, and making.

             Literacy is often known has the ability to read and write. However, throughout this course I have encounter many different ideas and perspectives on how to view literacy and I know that there is not just one definition to literacy. This class has expanded my knowledge by allowing me to explore these different methods.

             To start of with, technology and literacy. We often believe that technology is taking away our ability to read and write. On the other hand, we also see that the technology is giving us other opportunities to read and express ourselves. What I have learned from this class, that I will not forget is that technology is a form of literacy and that it is an addition to our literacy definition. Teenagers are stuck in the world of Instagram, twitter, Facebook, tumblr, etc. and not knowing that they are also revolving in the world of literacy. Just because it is not physically on a paper or with a writing utensils, teens are expressing themselves just in a different format.

              Next stop, adolescence and literacy. I really enjoyed the article groups and book club that allowed me to go in deep details with this topic. Especially, because it gave me different perspectives and ideas from my classmates as we worked on our powerpoint for the article group. Reading our articles independently and then coming together and sharing what we each grabbed from the reading was beneficial because it gave us an idea of the main focus in our topic. The book club was my favorite assignment because it included a video that was entertaining and at the same time it wrapped up on what we got from the book. It was a great way to get to the point in a small amount of time.

               Once again, my favorite connection is gaming and literacy. As a future teacher this was the most helpful and extremely beneficial to me. I am honestly not a video gamer but I  have played before and I never got the thrill of playing it. That is why I cannot believe how much my perspective has changed. I know view gaming as an opportunity to gain new ideas and different ways to start all over. Failure is not a negative thing but rather something that has been seen positive.

              Lastly, making and literacy has given me ways of exploring different ideas with different scenarios. Working with a group or team is helpful because you gather ideas that you have not thought about or even imagined. I really enjoyed ignite and maker night because it was very engaging to listen to the speakers different views and connecting to their way of viewing their topic.

As a future teacher, I mentioned that the idea of failure is essentially important in my opinion, simply because I would want my students to know that they should not be afraid to fail. They should be aware that it can open new ideas for them especially if they decide to start all over instead of giving up on their first time. Overall, I am pleased with my decision of taking this course this semester because I was able to explore literacy with a great group of students and of course with the help of Kim. I believe that teachers are suppose to be a guide to the students that offer and supply resources for them. I was able to see this process at first hand throughout the course. Furthermore, giving us the opportunity to make decisions from choosing our own groups to blogging in our own style was a way of allowing us to use the resources supplied by Kim.