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Featured Blogger: Gilberto Guerrero

Featured Blogger: Gilberto Guerrero

Literacy. Sponsored.

This week’s reading, “Sponsors of Literacy” by Deborah Brandt, gives economic value to our literacies. It also presented the idea of literacy sponsors in detail. The piece also presented several examples where literacy improved an individual’s economic value.

This piece raised several questions about my past literacy sponsors. Who influenced my literacy the most? Could it have been the good folks at the Pokemon Company with their story rich Role Playing Games? Maybe it was J.K. Rowling and her wonderful series about a magical orphaned boy? Perhaps a past teacher, my 3rd grade teacher drilled us on reading on our down time. Heck, I am motivated to read and write by the due date on this blog post. It is tough to say who or what influenced me the most, but it is safe to say that they all sponsored my reading and writing to where it is today. I can go on and on on what has driven my literacy standards over the years, but that would be more personal than anyone wants to get.

For the section my group was assigned to, we focused on how literacy is incorporated into one’s life via appropriation. Brandt gave two key examples of how appropriating outside literacies can make one more useful. Two women, Sarah and Carol, motivated by external forces, one by family the other by her faith, took jobs as secretaries and made vast improvements to their home lives with knowledge from the job. From this, we as a group took that one’s literacies should be applicable to areas outside of their initial use. Much like how Sarah and Carol appropriated their secretary skills for their everyday lives, we as future educators must take our life experiences, couple them with our training, and create the best learning environment in hopes of one day becoming sponsors of literacy ourselves.

As a group, we have also come to realize that the quantity and quality of literacy sponsors is strongly related to a person’s socioeconomic status. There are, however, organizations that work to spread opportunities and literacy sponsorships to those less fortunate to have them on hand.

Bio: Gilberto Guerrero, or Gil, as he likes to be called is a 4th year English Education major, an avid gamer, and not too bad of a cook according to his roommates. Gil is an animal lover and gardener. When he is not working or studying, he is often out enjoying all that Chico has to offer, from its wonderful downtown eateries to Bidwell Park’s awe inspiring natural beauty. He swears he’s going to finish that book he’s been writing for who knows how long.

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