English 332: Introduction to Literacy Studies
Fall 2015
MWF 11:00-11:50am in MLIB 442
Our Course Website:

Dr. Kim Jaxon
Office: Siskiyou 129
Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays 2:00-3:50, Thursdays 11:00-12:00, and by appointment
Email:  (best way to reach me)
Email for sharing Google Docs:

Course Description

This course introduces you to the interdisciplinary field of literacy studies. We will look at historical and current discussions that play out in our culture around the uses of literacy. We’ll especially explore digital literacy and consider how technology has rapidly changed the ways that literacy is used and understood. We will also pay particular attention to adolescent literacy, including adolescents’ use of digital platforms.

Required Materials

(The book is the only thing you’ll need to purchase for the class. You may also be able to find the text through our library or interlibrary loan.)

  • If you have a laptop, bring it to class every time.

Attendance and Class Participation. I expect us to be participants who are thinking through theories of literacy. I arrive prepared to participate in conversations occurring in the field; I assume you will too. The reading is challenging: we will need each other to sort through the ideas. Given the participatory nature of the class, you can miss class three times (excused or unexcused); after that, you fail the class.

Chico State Non-Discrimination Policy.  According to the University Catalogue, the California State system does not discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, disability, race, color, or national origin. The CSU complies with both the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended by the American Disabilities Act (1990). If you have a disability and need reasonable accommodation for equal access to education and services at CSU, Chico, please talk with me or call Disability Support Services (x5959). For other concerns about discrimination or harassment, please talk with me, your advisor or department chair, or Student Judicial Affairs (x6897).

 Getting Accounts: aka jumping into the deep end of technology use

These are the accounts you will need to set up and work with this semester. Take a deep breath if digital is not your thing. This class will be a safe, supportive space to try out new digital tools. I’ll help. You’ll be fine.

Our Course Website:
You will join our course site so you can blog as a member of our community. It is also where you’ll find all the class materials; be sure to bookmark the link.

Google Docs: 
Some of your work in this course will be uploaded to or created in Google Docs. You will also give and receive feedback in Google Docs with me and your peers. You can access Google Docs from your Wildcat mail log in screen.

This is optional. This class could be a place to try it out to see if you like using it within a community of peers. If you’re interested, create an account with the link above. Then, start following drjaxon by going to You will also follow each other once you create accounts. Twitter is a way for us to create community inside and outside of class. There are a ton of resources and professionals on twitter to follow, particularly for those of you interested in becoming future teachers.

Determining Your Final Course Grade
Blog                                                                  25%
Literacy Narrative                                         15%
Book Club                                                       15%
Article Group Resource & Presentation   25%
Ignite & Maker Night event                        10%
Reflection                                                       10%

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