Blog 2

We have all been trying to define what literacy is and I think the only way that is possible is to look it as “literacy as social”. Svwed, Scribner, Williams, and Franklin have all proved that literacy is known to be different in every social manner. Svwed gives the example of reading street signs as a surviving part of literacy.… Read more →


Plato on writing

“If men learn this, it will implant forgetfulness in their souls; they will cease to exercise memory because they rely on that which is written, calling things to remembrance no longer from within themselves, but by means of external marks. What you have discovered is a recipe not for memory, but for reminder. And it is no true wisdom that… Read more →

Blog 1 …

My names Chris and I’m a English Studies major in my senior year here at Chico State. I’m happy with my class schedule for the first time in a long time and I think I’m finally enjoying be a student. I don’t know what I’ll do with my degree after school but I suspect I’ll have to augment it with… Read more →

Blog 1- Jovan Tica

            Hi everyone my name is Jovan Tica and I was born and raised in Northern California in a small town called Live Oak.  I come from a diverse background my father is from Serbia and my mother is from Mexico.  They both immigrated here at a young age.  I am the second oldest of four children and at the… Read more →

Blog Post 1

Hi. My name is Danielle Mota. I’m from the small town of Gridley, Ca. I am an English Studies major. I transferred to Chico State last semester from Butte College. I’m interested in getting into editing and/or publishing as far as a career goes, but I am also considering some form of counseling as a career so I am considering… Read more →

Blog Post 1

My name is Alexandra Moreno- Ali for short.  I started out my educational career in Santa Cruz at Cabrillo college, then transfered to San Francisco where I briefly studied film.  A year and a half later I moved home for some soul searching, and landed on English.  I’ve been writing fiction since sixth grade, though as a hobby.  It has… Read more →

Blog 1

Hello! My name is Lauren Wilson. I’ve been at Chico State for four years now, so technically I’m a senior. I wont be graduating until next year because I wanted to find a minor in something completely different than English, just in case. I was born in Paradise. Most of my free time is spent doing something involving music, family… Read more →

Blog 1 Derek MIller

Hello everyone, my name is Derek Miller and I am a senior here at Chico State. I have been involved in several different majors during my years here at Chico. I am currently in my 4th major, and I finally think I found my calling. I’m so happy that I changed my major to be an English Studies major. I… Read more →

Change For a Paradigm

Hello, my name is Matt Poundstone and I am in my third year of Chico State. It took me two years to declare an English Literature major, but I did and I am sure it was the right choice. I am the kind of person that strives to kind a deeper meaning in almost everything- something that would make a… Read more →

Blog 1 Amanda

Hello everyone, my name is Amanda and I’m a senior at CSU Chico. I’m originally from Mendocino where I lived my whole life before coming to Chico to study vocal performance. Even though I loved studying music, I realized in my Junior year that it just wasn’t for me anymore so I switched into english studies. Switching to english has… Read more →

Communicating Art

I am part of a new wave of college students who, instead of joining the red cup tradition every Saturday night,  don the dubious uniform of a crappy job.  I live in a town called Orland (if you don’t know where that is, you probably blinked as you passed it when getting off the freeway– it’s the town of the… Read more →

Post #1

My name is Katelyn Allen I am an English Education major and I am at a third year stance. I am a student supervisor for Building Management for Meriam Library. I open the library everyday in fact I open the room 442 that we have class in. I started off as a Biology major when I was a freshmen with… Read more →

Blog 1: Leslie

Hello everyone. I am Leslie Anderson, a Junior at Chico State. I am an English Education major and hope to become a teacher. I am from a really small town (population 190 people) called Lemon Cove, CA. I attended Long Beach State for two years right out of High School and even though I loved it, I was tired of… Read more →