Blog1 Lina Dong

Hi friends~ I am Lina Dong, a graduate student in Teaching International Languages program in School of Education. I am an international student from China. I got my bachelor in Chinese linguistics and literature; I decided to get an education master in USA when I found myself more interested in teaching and helping students. I like Chico, and I have… Read more →


Hello, my name is Daniel Holmberg and I am a Chico native. Yes, I was born and raised here, and I can’t wait to leave. I plan on obtaining my bachelor’s in Organizational Communication this summer, and then, who knows? Maybe more schooling, we’ll see. I enjoy playing music, golfing, writing, and many other things. Family and friends are very… Read more →

Blog Post 1

Hey everyone. I’m Kathleen and I am 21 years old. This is my second semester at Chico State after attending El Camino College in Torrance, CA for two years. I grew up in Southern California so Chico has been a bit of a change for me but I absolutely love it so far. I am studying English Education and plan… Read more →

Blog 1: Emma

Hi my name is Emma McLeod. I’m 22 years old, a senior at Chico, and I will be graduating at the end of this semester with an English Studies degree. I’m from Davis, CA a small town about 2 hours away. I grew up loving to read and write which is why I decided to choose this major, but I… Read more →

I’m Just Me

I am Alicia Bates and I am an English Ed major. I want to teach either junior high or high school. Honestly, the choice will be made based on where I’m offered a job at first. :) I won’t be picky considering I’ll really need the job. I am a single mother with two kids and I work two part-time… Read more →

My literacy practices

My name is Ruby Ocampo and I have lived my whole life in Chico. I graduated high school early through an Independent Study program here and started taking college classes full time when I was 16. I got married a year and a half ago and my husband and I are looking forward to not being in school anymore and… Read more →

Who I am

I have been in college for the past ten years and have done countless introduction blogs, essays, class announcements, poems and whatever else you can think of to tell people who I am. But I have realized through out these ten years that these assignments never really tell who a person truly is; it’s all surface information that the person… Read more →

Blog 1: Natalie

Well like everyone else I am just a CSU Chico student living the dream. My name is Natalie Benthin and I am a Sophomore. I am from a small town called Grass Valley and yes it is fine to assume I’m on the hippy side. I am a server at Red Lobster so come on to see me and our… Read more →

Blog 1: Lisa

I never know how to start these things without being intensely boring, but hey. I’m pretty good at boring. And dry sarcasm. My name is Lisa Jenkins, English Education major, aka the married mama of three. My husband Eric graduated from CSUC in 2007 and is now an 8th grade Algebra teacher. He’s kind of amazing. I’ve always loved writing.… Read more →

Blog 1: Luke

My name is Luke Minton and I am a Public Relations major with a minor in English, this  is actually going to be my last English class ever! I am set to graduate this spring. I grew up in a farm town and always loved writing about what I saw and what I was doing that day. This lead me… Read more →

Blog 1: Francesca

My name is Francesca Nesfield. I am a graduate studying Teaching International Languages. I would like to become a English teacher for ESL learners both in the high school and college settings. I also would like to teach abroad someday. Szwed spoke of things that are so common like reading signs, but I never considered that reading just because it… Read more →

Hello 332!

Welcome to our course site! You’ll find all your resources here: syllabus, assignments, readings, calendar, etc. We’ll also blog together once you join as a member. I look forward to working with you and thinking about literacy this semester! Read more →