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Hi. My name is Danielle Mota. I’m from the small town of Gridley, Ca. I am an English Studies major. I transferred to Chico State last semester from Butte College. I’m interested in getting into editing and/or publishing as far as a career goes, but I am also considering some form of counseling as a career so I am considering… Read more →

Blog Post 1

My name is Alexandra Moreno- Ali for short.  I started out my educational career in Santa Cruz at Cabrillo college, then transfered to San Francisco where I briefly studied film.  A year and a half later I moved home for some soul searching, and landed on English.  I’ve been writing fiction since sixth grade, though as a hobby.  It has… Read more →

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Hello! My name is Lauren Wilson. I’ve been at Chico State for four years now, so technically I’m a senior. I wont be graduating until next year because I wanted to find a minor in something completely different than English, just in case. I was born in Paradise. Most of my free time is spent doing something involving music, family… Read more →

Blog 1 Derek MIller

Hello everyone, my name is Derek Miller and I am a senior here at Chico State. I have been involved in several different majors during my years here at Chico. I am currently in my 4th major, and I finally think I found my calling. I’m so happy that I changed my major to be an English Studies major. I… Read more →

Change For a Paradigm

Hello, my name is Matt Poundstone and I am in my third year of Chico State. It took me two years to declare an English Literature major, but I did and I am sure it was the right choice. I am the kind of person that strives to kind a deeper meaning in almost everything- something that would make a… Read more →

Blog 1 Amanda

Hello everyone, my name is Amanda and I’m a senior at CSU Chico. I’m originally from Mendocino where I lived my whole life before coming to Chico to study vocal performance. Even though I loved studying music, I realized in my Junior year that it just wasn’t for me anymore so I switched into english studies. Switching to english has… Read more →

Communicating Art

I am part of a new wave of college students who, instead of joining the red cup tradition every Saturday night,  don the dubious uniform of a crappy job.  I live in a town called Orland (if you don’t know where that is, you probably blinked as you passed it when getting off the freeway– it’s the town of the… Read more →

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My name is Katelyn Allen I am an English Education major and I am at a third year stance. I am a student supervisor for Building Management for Meriam Library. I open the library everyday in fact I open the room 442 that we have class in. I started off as a Biology major when I was a freshmen with… Read more →

Blog 1: Leslie

Hello everyone. I am Leslie Anderson, a Junior at Chico State. I am an English Education major and hope to become a teacher. I am from a really small town (population 190 people) called Lemon Cove, CA. I attended Long Beach State for two years right out of High School and even though I loved it, I was tired of… Read more →

Blog1 Lina Dong

Hi friends~ I am Lina Dong, a graduate student in Teaching International Languages program in School of Education. I am an international student from China. I got my bachelor in Chinese linguistics and literature; I decided to get an education master in USA when I found myself more interested in teaching and helping students. I like Chico, and I have… Read more →


Hello, my name is Daniel Holmberg and I am a Chico native. Yes, I was born and raised here, and I can’t wait to leave. I plan on obtaining my bachelor’s in Organizational Communication this summer, and then, who knows? Maybe more schooling, we’ll see. I enjoy playing music, golfing, writing, and many other things. Family and friends are very… Read more →

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Hey everyone. I’m Kathleen and I am 21 years old. This is my second semester at Chico State after attending El Camino College in Torrance, CA for two years. I grew up in Southern California so Chico has been a bit of a change for me but I absolutely love it so far. I am studying English Education and plan… Read more →

Blog 1: Emma

Hi my name is Emma McLeod. I’m 22 years old, a senior at Chico, and I will be graduating at the end of this semester with an English Studies degree. I’m from Davis, CA a small town about 2 hours away. I grew up loving to read and write which is why I decided to choose this major, but I… Read more →