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Month: January 2020

Week 2 & 3: the goals and things

Week 2 & 3: the goals and things

Hello nice people,

Thank you for the thoughtful work with Situated Learning this week. Here are our goals heading into week 3:

  • By Sunday night (Feb 2): Try out some summary work, ask questions, think about take-aways for Chapters 1 & 2 based on our conversation on Tuesday. Since you’ll be writing papers later about your teaching philosophy, you might think of these responses as a place to draft and try out ideas.
  • Before class on Tuesday, annotate the Wells reading in Perusall (our course code again in case you need it: JAXON-K4YS6). You can highlight, add comments, add links that might be useful for all of us, add definitions, reply to each other…
  • We’ll also read Chapter 3 and discuss Wells and Chapter 3 in class on Tuesday.


Week 1 reminders

Week 1 reminders

Enjoyed our first gathering together; thank you for jumping into Dewey with thoughtful insights.
Since the first day of classes can be a flurry of information, here are a couple reminders for this week in case it’s useful to you:
  • Find Situated Learning book (rent, buy, borrow). We’ll read chapters 1 & 2 for next class. Together in class next week, we will try to unpack the main terms “situated learning” and “legitimate peripheral participation.” We’ll work to understand what these ideas mean: of course, feel free to use ideas you find in a web search too.
  • By Sunday night or early(ish) Monday, please write a few paragraphs in our G+ space about the Dewey reading and your initial thoughts about how people learn? What are the conditions that make learning something new more likely? Link to our G+ space again here and also on the front page of our course website. (Make sure you’re logged in through your Chico State account.)
Have a great rest of your week. I look forward to designing courses together this semester
Welcome to English 634

Welcome to English 634

Hello everyone,

I look forward to working together this spring! As promised, here is our course website. You’ll find all the materials and links here: I don’t use Blackboard at all.

One of my absolute favorite things about teaching (besides students) is course design, which means this course is one of my favorites. I am hopeful that we can play with a range of ideas for teaching writing intensive courses. If you want to read some of my views about educational design while we’re waiting to meet in a few days, you might check out a piece I wrote for the Connected Learning Alliance: “No Short Cuts in Course Design.”  

We’ll talk about texts and the ways we’ll work with them a bit on the first class. We’ll also do some reading together in class Tuesday. One book to buy/rent or check out from our library: Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation. We’ll use it by week 2, so hoping you might all be game to just rent it via Amazon for less than $10.00. The library also has a copy or two if you want to check it out next week. All other readings are available as pdf. I’ll supplement some reading when I know the contexts you hope to teach in.

We’ll start the semester by pulling back from schooling and thinking about learning and literacy more broadly. I am hoping these conversations and texts support your theories of learning and pedagogical choices as you design.

If you have a laptop/tablet, please bring it each time. I’m also happy to check one out from the English Department for you. Just email me to let me know before class:

Feel free to email with any questions. See you Tuesday in ARTS 306A!