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Week 2 & 3: the goals and things

Week 2 & 3: the goals and things

Hello nice people,

Thank you for the thoughtful work with Situated Learning this week. Here are our goals heading into week 3:

  • By Sunday night (Feb 2): Try out some summary work, ask questions, think about take-aways for Chapters 1 & 2 based on our conversation on Tuesday. Since you’ll be writing papers later about your teaching philosophy, you might think of these responses as a place to draft and try out ideas.
  • Before class on Tuesday, annotate the Wells reading in Perusall (our course code again in case you need it: JAXON-K4YS6). You can highlight, add comments, add links that might be useful for all of us, add definitions, reply to each other…
  • We’ll also read Chapter 3 and discuss Wells and Chapter 3 in class on Tuesday.


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