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Week of March 30: Best Laid Plans…

Week of March 30: Best Laid Plans…

Hello awesome humans,

Hope y’all are doing okay or finding moments where you’re doing okay. I’ve decided that the optional Zoom check-in for this Tuesday is bad timing. We really should take the holiday off given all the things in the world. Or, you may need that day to get other things completed. We’ll start our optional Zoom check-ins (and perhaps meet with your partners for feedback in small break out rooms) Tuesday, April 7, at 5:00pm. You are always welcome to email me questions or ask for help with course design materials!

As promised, here is a suggested plan for this week:

  • Partner Assignment: Your writing response with feedback to your partner is due Sunday, March 29 (remember: you’re sharing these two things (your writing and your feedback to the teacher on how things went) in a comment on their G+ post)
  • Course Design: Your main goal this week (and until April 27) is to create your Course Design: 1) overview of the course with your teaching philosophy, 2) syllabus, 3) assignment sequence with rationale, 4) calendar, and weekly plans with rationale.
    • This week: I would suggest working on your assignment sequence and rationale (number 3 above), but you could start in any way that makes sense to you.
    • Your resources for this:
      • my English 130 website (check out the syllabus and assignments page), and the Example TA Syllabi page (Catherine Wilcox is recent and really good, but all of them should be helpful for seeing how this Course Design is organized.)
      • Hoping you got some feedback from your partner; ideally, you can use the assignment you created for each other as one of assignments in your sequence.
      • You could also look back over your G+ posts to see the kinds of ideas we talked about.
      • If you are creating a course for English 130, you can find the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) on the English 130 Course Design Resource page.  You can copy & paste those or the ones from my site into your syllabus. If you are creating a course for another context, you could refer to Common Core (Jazz & Jesse) or create your own goals for students.
  • Sharing Drafts: Let’s share these drafts in Google Docs so we can easily give feedback. Please set the share settings to “anyone with the link can comment.” We’ll work with consistent partners for the rest of the semester for feedback loops.
    • By Sunday, April 5: Post the Google Doc link in our G+ community under “Course Design Links.”
      • Jo & Alondra
      • Jasmine & Jenna
      • Jesse & Isaiah
      • Carolyn & William
      • Sophy & Jazz
  • Sharing Memos on Sundays: For the next few Sundays, we’ll write a memo on our Course Design drafts (as a comment at the top of the Google Doc or perhaps in another font color at the top of the draft, which tells your partner where you are in the process, what feedback you need, where you’re stuck, etc.

Here is a kind of template if it’s useful. 

    • Feedback: With your partner, decide when you will give feedback: by Wednesdays? Thursdays? Decide what works for you both given your drafting timelines. Please leave feedback in the Google Docs (do not resolve comments yet), so that I can help support this process too.

In a nutshell:

  • Progress on the course design by Sundays with a memo on the Google Doc
  • Feedback to your partner soon after that week (based on what the two of you decide). Leave comments in Google Doc
  • Repeat.
  • Optional Zoom chats starting Tuesday, April 7

Video explanation of this post here too:

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