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Plans for finishing out the semester

Plans for finishing out the semester

Hello everyone,

Hope this finds you safe and healthy. Thank you again for joining the call last week with the writing faculty. Here is a plan to finish out this strange, and at times brutal, semester. Lots of information, so please read carefully.

  • Full draft due: The full draft of your course design is due by tomorrow night.
    • These drafts should include all the components to the best of your ability: 1) overview of the course with your teaching philosophy, 2) syllabus, 3) assignment sequence with rationale, 4) calendar, and weekly plans with rationale.
  • Share in G+: Since some of you have shared various versions and links, would you please post the link to the Google Doc in a new category in G+? I created a category labeled “Full Drafts Course Design Links (April 28)” in G+. This will help me to read the full and newest version; thank you!
  • No Zoom BUT Peer Feedback: No Zoom meeting tomorrow night. Instead, please give your partner one more round of feedback by the end of the week. Isaiah, Jenna, Jasmine, and Alondra will need feedback quickly, so thank you in advance to those partners (Jesse, Jo, and Jazz)! The TA application materials are due Friday for them.
    • Isaiah, Jenna, Jasmine and Alondra: I’ll will send you four another email with additional ideas for feedback and prep for Friday’s materials.
  • Yes Zoom May 5 for Mock Interviews (Our last Zoom session): please plan to join next Tuesday, May 5, at 5:00-7:15pm for mock interviews. We will be supporting and asking questions of the interview candidates to help them prep for TA interviews. I also think it will be helpful since many of you will apply for teaching jobs throughout your academic careers. Here is a link to the sample questions we will ask in the interviews. I’ll send the questions again before we meet next week.
  • Final: MODIFIED next steps and final: We’ll finish out the semester with a short (1-2 page) memo about next steps for your course design plans. So, instead of fully revising the drafts that are due tomorrow, you can use the feedback (and ideas you may have for revision already) to think through next steps if you were to teach the course you’ve designed. I’ll have some guiding questions to support this memo. I think we could make this due on Wednesday of final’s week, May 13, and post them in G+. I actually think this will be more helpful–time to gather thoughts and track future plans for this course design–than revising again now.

In a nutshell:

  • Full drafts due tomorrow night: share link to Google Doc in new category in G+
  • Peer feedback round again this week (some timely for Alondra, Jasmine, Jenna, and Isaiah)
  • Full application materials due Friday, May 1, at 5:00pm to Sharon DeMeyer.
  • Next (and final) Zoom: May 5 from 5:00-7:15pm for mock interviews
  • Memo due May 13. Kim will share prompt ideas for the memo next week.

Thank you all!

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