Reading together

Perusall logoWe’ll use Perusall to annotate and read together. Link here to Perusall.

Instructions for joining on the Assignments page.



Link to calendar here

Time photoOur course invites you to work with data collection and analysis, readings, and discussion around the field of literacy studies

Week 1: Getting Situated

Week 1: Getting Situated

Getting Situated: I am ready to start working together this semester!

Here’s a quick check list for the tasks below (you can find the full instructions as you keep reading).

First week, we should:

  1. Bookmark our course website (google “how to bookmark a website in Chrome/Safari/Firefox”)
  2. Join Perusall. We’ll try out the platform in class together.
  3. Please complete this welcome survey: link here

Before class on Wednesday, Jan 26

  1. Read and annotate an article by John Szwed called “Ethnography of Literacy” in Perusall. Instructions below.

Early in the week: 

We’ll meet MW 2:30-3:45 in person in ARTS 105 (remember to wear a mask indoors). Our goal this week is to say hello to each other, join accounts, get situated, do some reading and annotating and end the week with initial thoughts about literacy.

Up first: Bookmark this course website and join Perusall.

1) Bookmark our course website so you can find it easily this semester (optional; just might make your life easier). Quick (40 second) video how-to here:

2) perusall iconJoin Perusall to find and comment on our course readings. Instructions here:

      • Go to, click Login, and then either log in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, or create a Perusall account using your email address and password.
      • Select I am a student and enter our course code JAXON-B98NQ.
      • That’s it for now. (Walkthrough video below too if you’re interested in how we’ll use Perusall, but I’ll show you in class too.)

3) Please complete this welcome survey: link here. Thank you!

Before class on Wednesday, Jan 26:

Read and comment on Szwed’s “Ethnography of Literacy” in Perusall.

We will comment on the Szwed article (and all our readings this semester) in Perusall.  In terms of these comments/annotations, I created a short video below so you can see what I’m hoping we’ll do together with the readings this semester. In a nutshell, we are working more like I work with colleagues when we read together: we are reading and sharing comments together. Some readings you’ll have more to say than others, but I hope you see the comments as a generous act for our community: you can pose a question, link to something an idea reminds you of, try to summarize a challenging sentence or section, define a term, etc. I also really appreciate when we respond to other people’s comments, perhaps engaging in a dialogue or trying to answer someone’s question.