Reading together

Perusall logoWe’ll use Perusall to annotate and read together. Link here to Perusall.

Instructions for joining on the Week 1: Getting Situated page.


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Time photoOur course is organized around a series of routines:  gathering and analyzing data, reading, writing, and making artifacts together.

Make Cycle 4: weeks 8 & 9

Make Cycle 4: weeks 8 & 9

Weeks 8 & 9: Oct 11-20

Make 4: Literacies as Multilingual

“Neither eagle nor serpent, but both.”–Gloria E. Anzaldúa

For this make cycle, we’ll be thinking about language ideologies through a literacy framework.

Tasks in a Nutshell (longer descriptions below)

  • Monday, Oct 11: Read: April Baker-Bell chapter “Black Language is Good on Any MLK Boulevard” (comment in Perusall) and read Anthony Miranda’s “Toward What Aim? Reflections on Respectability and ‘Language of Power’” <– via the link.
  • Wednesday, Oct 13: Read: Gloria Anzaldúa’s “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” (comment in Perusall
  • Monday, Oct 18: we will look at the recent policy statement–Position Statement on Indigenous Peoples and People of Color (IPOC) in English and Language Arts Materials–from the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) together in class.
  • Wednesday, Oct 20: Article group choices. Please be in class so you have an understanding of this project. ;-)

Monday, Oct 11


photo of Gloria Anzaldua

Wednesday, Oct 13:


Gloria Anzaldúa’s “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” and comment in Perusall. We’ll work through her ideas together in class. 

Monday, Oct 18:

In class together: 

quiz about Dialect

Wednesday, Oct 20:

We’ll get ourselves organized for article groups. Really important to be in class.