Talks and Ideas to Consider


Link to our course calendar here.

Google +

We’ll use G+ to share ideas about readings, course design, and other things that interest us: Link



Responses & Annotations
G+ Community
Due Dates: most Mondays
30% (CR/NC)

For the first part of the semester, we will write as a way to consider the ideas in our readings in a G+ Community. Sometimes, we’ll annotate a reading together using Perusall.  These responses could, of course, also include links to websites or videos that help to explain or further enhance the readings or discussions. I’m using these platforms–G+ and Perusall–because you may want to use these platforms with your future students: our class can hopefully be a safe place to try out digital resources.

We’ll get set up in G+ on the first night of class. You’ll need to be logged in to your Chico State account first, then you can click this link.

We’ll get set up in Perusall week 2. Once you log in, you can use our class code to see our readings: JAXON-K4YS6

Short Paper & Syllabus Proposal
Share in Google Docs
20% (CR/NC)

The goal for this writing is to 1) think through the theories of learning and literacy we encounter together; 2) use these theories to explore your teaching philosophy; and 3) share initial ideas about the focus of your syllabus. This last purpose can take the form of a list, half-formed thoughts, big ideas…ideas that we can talk from. We’ll also use this writing as a draft introduction for the larger Syllabus & Rationale project. (We’ll also craft this into a writing assignment together.)

Syllabus and Rationale 
Share in Google Docs
Various due dates

The major assignment of the course is to write a semester-long syllabus for a writing intensive course: it will include 1) an overall introduction and rationale for the course, 2) syllabus, 3) assignments with rationale, and 4) a weekly calendar with rationale. You’ll share this in Google Docs with me and peers for feedback: we’ll share portions throughout the semester, including drafting an assignment that a peer will try out for you and give feedback.

You’ll also create a student view of the syllabus, assignments, and calendar in a website (you can determine the platform that works best for you; we will all help too). Decided to scrap the website idea since we are working from home now.

Those students who plan on applying for a teaching assistantship in CSU, Chico’s Academic Writing program will write a syllabus for that program. Those who plan on teaching elsewhere or at another level will write a syllabus that fits their context. Portions of the syllabus will be due in March, a full draft in late April, and a final copy at the end of the semester.