Excited to be part of a new edited collection from Drs. McCabe and Juszkiewicz with my dear friend and colleague Laura Sparks. Chapter 6: “On Non-scalability and Transformative Relationships in the First-Year Composition ‘Jumbo.'”


This chapter first offers a brief overview of the Jumbo design, then takes up Anna Tsing’s work on “nonscalability” to make the case for the Jumbo model’s generative potential in first-year writing. In particular, we conceptualize the Jumbo in terms of growth, rather than expansion, arguing that it operates outside the logic of scalability. We further advocate for an imaginative, active, not reactionary, approach to course development. As Tsing so aptly puts it, “conceptualizing the world and making the world are wrapped up with each other—at least for those with the privilege to turn their dreams into action. The relationship goes both ways: new projects inspire new ways to think, which also inspire new projects.” We contend that the large-enrollment Jumbo offers powerful possibilities for creating and sustaining vibrant, action-oriented communities—new projects for all of us.

TOC and sample chapter here: link here