Making Spaces in the Literacy Learning Classroom

Kim Jaxon & Peter Kittle

Keynote for the Yosemite Conference (CATE & Fresno Area Council of English Teachers) Nov 3-5, 2017

Making & Remixing with Future Teachers

Demo presentation for the Northern California Writing Project (NCWP) Spring 2017

Course Site: Reading Literature for Future Teachers


Link to slides HERE


  • Remix culture 
  • Design
  • Shipka, Jody. “Toward a Multimodal Task-Based Framework for Composing.” College Composition and Communication, 57.2 (2005), 277-306.

Battle Bunny site (with resources for educators):


Workshop for the California Writing Project (CWP) Spring 2017

cwpkeynoteHow does taking a maker stance impact teaching and learning? In this interactive session, participants will be introduced to theoretical lenses for understanding maker-based education, including systems thinking, connected learning, and design principles. Presenters will share ways they have implemented maker-centered literacy learning principles in classroom and professional development settings, and will invite participants to use hands-on making as a way to explore their own uses of making in their own contexts.

Digital Humanities Panel Discussion at Chico State

Link to the full talk, including Q & A, here.

Dr. Kim Jaxon (English), Dr. Patrick Newell (dean, Library), Dr. Corey Sparks (English and Humanities) and Dr. Daniel Veidlinger (Comparative Religion).

Scholars are increasingly using computational methods and digital media to open up new vistas in our pursuit of humanistic inquiry. In this panel, Dr. Kim Jaxon will share how digital platforms can connect students to communities and how game design can inform course and program design. Dr. Patrick Newell will consider the important conjunctions of scholarly communications, digital humanities, and academic libraries. Dr. Corey Sparks will examine the ways digital media can aid our understanding of ecologies of the medieval English prison. Dr. Daniel Veidlinger will discuss the use of algorithms to search for previously unknown word patterns in religious texts.

Nice overview of DH: The Digital in the Humanities Series from LA Review of Books

Resources from Kim’s talk:

Connected Learning Principles (full description and link to Connected Learning site)

Connected Learning

Connected Courses: course created for faculty in higher education using the principles of Connected Learning. Lots of resources and readings.

James Gee’s “Good Video Games & Good Learning.”

Resources for Digital Pedagogy & Humanites (including link to game theories and resources)

Resources from Patrick’s talk

Resources from Corey’s talk

Ignite Talk from DML2016: EPIC Learning

Connected Learning TV

Hosted the September 2015 series: “Back to School: Creating the School Year We Want to Live In”

Digital Media & Learning Conference

Los Angeles June 12, 2015

Academy eLearning (AeL) Talk

CSU, Chico   June 1, 2015

Women’s Leadership Roundtable

CSU, Chico    March 27, 2015

Twitter Resources

Quick overview of Twitter in Plain English    

Link to Twitter

Keri Franklin’s post “#PleaseHelp: Learning to Write (Again) on Twitter”

Twitter Guidebook from Mashable

How to Build Community on Twitter

“The Twitter Essay” by Jesse Stommel from the Hybrid Pedagogy Journal

“Teaching With Twitter: The Twitter Essay and Twitter Fishbowl” by Jesse Stommel

Twitter 101 tutorial from Stump the Teacher blog

Connected Learning TV–Moving Beyond the “Tech is Good” Conversation (March 2015)

Link to full resource here

Webinars from Connected Courses (Fall 2014)

“Connected By Design” with Danielle Astengo, Jim Groom, Jamie Hoffman, and Jeremy Wallace. Dec 1, 2014

“What Is Web Literacy?” with Patrick Berry, Gardner Campbell, Laura Hilliger, Howard Rheingold, and Mark Surman. Oct 17, 2014.

“Web Imperatives: Four Lightening Talks From Four Webmakers” with Garder Campbell, Laura Hilliger, and Howard Rheingold. Oct 13, 2014.

Slides of Butte College Keynote (Fall Symposium August 2013)


CSU English Council Spring 2013
Kim Jaxon & Peter Kittle
Links to resources from our workshop April 11, 2013


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Rafi Santo Ignite Talk, “Why Kids Need to Know How to Hack” from the Digital Media & Learning Conference 2012

Peter Kittle Storify #WhyEnglish 

Peter Kittle and his students #WhyEnglish on YouTube

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Digital Is Website 

Kevin Hodgson’s Blog–Kevin’s Meandering Mind

Twitter Resources

Quick overview of Twitter in Plain English    

Link to Twitter

Keri Franklin’s post “#PleaseHelp: Learning to Write (Again) on Twitter”

“The Twitter Essay” by Jesse Stommel from the Hybrid Pedagogy Journal

“Teaching With Twitter: The Twitter Essay and Twitter Fishbowl” by Jesse Stommel

Twitter 101 tutorial from Stump the Teacher blog