190 students pose for a group photo after attending the EOP Summer Bridge Orientation on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 
(Jessica Bartlett/Student Photographer)

#2NextPrez: Film from Students at Chico State

I spent the past few weeks working with my colleague, Dr. Tracy Butts, 19 cool writing mentors from our English Department, and 191 incoming freshmen at Chico State. The students are part of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) on our campus. Students spend two weeks living in the dorms– and as first generation college students–they are…


Epic Composition: Talk from Jaxon & Fox CCCC 2016

Below is the talk from our #4C16 panel (April 2016). Link to slides too. Epic Composition Kim Jaxon & Tom Fox CSU, Chico CCCC Houston, TX   April 2016 Slides (Video) We want to start by getting some misconceptions out of the way.  Our large-enrollment composition course was not occasioned by institutional pressures, not budget, not bottlenecks,…


The Rumpus: It Starts Again

I just finished course design for the fall 2015 semester. If you were to shine a flashlight into this world every August, you would find me on a couch in the living room, hair disheveled, clothes unchanged for days, various food products tossed to the floor, and surrounded by books ranging from Vygotsky’s Mind in…