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Final Reflections…

…’cause it’s a dude looking at a mirror.  IT’S FUNNY.  Moving on… English 332 ended up being less of a giant wake-up for me than it was a solid reinforcement of some ideas I’ve had as far as how to undergo teaching… I guess a common term used to define this transition in the gaming

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Education isn’t a game. Well, actually…

…stating what is likely obvious to everyone that’s ever “beaten” a game even at its most basic levels, it is.  Or rather, gaming is education. What’s surprising about some of the studies I’ve been introduced to during this course has been the relation of the gaming environments themselves to learning.  A particularly interesting approach to

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Are you afraid? What is it you fear? The end of your trivial existence? When the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence.

…to quote from our unconventional teacher.  Part time malevolent reality-warping super AI with a God complex, part time calculator, and (evidently) part time instructor. Source Quote:   I have to admit that when I played System Shock 2 as a teenager I wasn’t really paying attention to the educational aspects of the game… sort

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Duality of texting

Texting has always seemed to be in a weird spot when it comes to legitimacy.  It’s not a skill you would list on a resume, and you’ve probably never used it in anything academic, official or overly creative in nature, though the question of its importance is an interesting one.  It’s not really respected as

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Blogification version 7.0

“Looking through life through the eyes of a tire hub…” – System of a Down So, yeah, I’ve actually got a discussion prompt this time that relates to the initial image.  Online forum literacy!  If you don’t know how to use it, someone might actually post that image of Samuel L. Jackson in your thread…

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Blog 1

Hello, My name is Jason Lewis.  I’m majoring in English Education with an emphasis on linguistics, with the aim of possibly teaching overseas.  Eventually I’d like to finish one of a few novels I’ve started, but that’s pretty far in the future. I tend to write fantasy, science-fiction and horror, or a melding of the

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