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Perusall logoWe’ll use Perusall to annotate and read together. Link here to Perusall.

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Time photoOur course invites you to work with data collection and analysis, readings, and discussion around the field of literacy studies

Class Plans

Class Plans

We’ll use this page to add in-class prompts, slides, resources, materials, throughout the semester.

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Sept 28

Making in Science & English


Sept 21

Data ethics and designs

Wednesday, Sep 14

student art work
art by Claudia Curiel De Leon

Link to shared slide deck for interview data/notes


Thomas’ artifact 1 with audio

Edgar draft

Carlo draft

Monday, Sept 12

Jaime’s “paper 1”

Link to Shared slide deck

  • Sponsorship and Access (Raymond & Dora: 169-173) Thomas, Adrian, Bee, Denisse
  • Sponsorship and Access (Raymond & Dora: 169-173) Edgar, Claudia, Ryan, Carlo
  • Sponsorship and the Rise in Literacy Standards (Dwayne: 173-178) Mataya, Haylee, Mylie, Emily
  • Sponsorship and Appropriation In Literacy Learning (Carol & Sarah: 178-183) Hailey, Hunter, Taylor, Tanner
  • Sponsorship and Appropriation In Literacy Learning (Carol & Sarah: 178-183) Fen, Dayton, Kenji, Mary, Kay
  • Introduction/Conclusion: Alysa, Jaime, Mallory, Avril
  • Sponsorship and the Rise in Literacy Standards (Dwayne: 173-178) Nolan, Devan

Wednesday, Sept 7

Write memo: what went well when working on this paper/artifact? what was confusing? Did you gain any new insights about your literacies from working on this project?

Share papers/artifacts with small group

prep for literacy interviews. What questions might we add to our list? Link to shared doc here

Reading and Commenting on “Sponsors of Literacy” in Perusall for Monday (9/12). Video of Deborah Brandt below talking about literacies:

Monday, Aug 29:

Link to shared slides

As you look over each others’ data/notes: 

  • Talk to each other about how you decided what to record. 
  • What “counted” as a literacy and why? What purpose do your literacies serve? What do the literacies help you do? How did you learn to do these things with literacy?
  • Which literacies did you choose? Which were chosen for you?
  • Any new literacies emerge in the pandemic?

Use your group’s slide to make some claims about your data: If we were sharing our research, what could we say about the uses of reading and writing in our class’ data set? 

Wednesday: Reading David Kirkland’s “The Skin We Ink…” in Perusall

Literacy is most often made acceptable—even standardized—when serving dominant group interests and unacceptable—stigmatized—when encouraging the perspectives of the socially marginal.–Kirkland