Reading together

Perusall logoWe’ll use Perusall to annotate and read together. Link here to Perusall.

Instructions for joining on the Week 1: Getting Situated page.


Link to calendar here

Time photoOur course is organized around a series of routines:  gathering and analyzing data, reading, writing, and making artifacts together.



The intention of these assignments is to invite you to participate in the practices of a literacy researcher. Many of these assignments will allow you to collect and analyze your own data; other assignments will give us a chance to read and discuss current ideas in the field of literacy studies. I look forward to working together.

We’ll follow routines for our work together: discovering, reading, writing, and making. 

Discovering: these tasks will typically invite you to collect some data (like tracing your literacies for a couple of days). You can use this data for our larger projects and literacy research. The data you collect will also give you specific examples to consider as you’re doing the reading.

Reading: we’ll use the platform Perusall to annotate readings together. We’ll be able to see the kinds of questions we have about the readings, what insights we might add, and places that interest us in the readings. The readings can help us make sense of data. 

Writing: we’ll often write together during class time. You’ll also embark on your own study of literacy.

decorativeMaking: I’ll invite you to think about “making” an artifact, as a way to play with the ideas we’re discovering in our data collection and our reading and informal writing. You have complete control over what you make. I’ll give suggestions in case you’re stuck, but you decide what “artifact” you want to make that amplifies what you’re learning about literacy. Take some risks here: sometimes the “make” won’t turn out the way you planned. We’ll write short reflections of these “makes” so you have a chance to explain what worked and what didn’t quite turn out like the picture in your head. You make a thing: I’ll give you points. Hope this is an invitation to play with ideas, platforms, digital tools, ways of representing what you’re learning.

Links below will take you to assignment descriptions:

Various dates: Reading & Discussions (see calendar for reading dates; all reading and annotating in Perusall)

Weeks 1-3: Discovering 1: Tracing Our Literacies

Weeks 3-4: Discovering 2: Sponsors of Literacy

Weeks 5-6: Discovering 3: Our Quantified Self

Weeks 7-11: Article Groups

various due dates Mini Ethnography

Final week: Reflecting