Author: cntice


The End is Near!! A Reflection…

First off let me start by saying that this semester has been a blast.  I think that I have gotten more out of this class than any other here at csuc. Okay, now on to the actual reflection of what I have learned over the semester. There are different ways that people are literate. A person can be facebook literate… Read more →


Miss One Day…Miss Everything!

If you missed a day you missed way too much stuff. Each article group that presented brought a new and different aspect to the study of literacy and why it is important. Here is some of the things I took away from the week of presentations. Adolescent Literacy: One thing i took away was that adolescents are exposed to more… Read more →


What Video Games Have to Teach us about Learning and literacy…and how to age yourself by using video games. -Tice

I found this book to be informational and entertaining.  Gee uses a lot of gaming references and examples to show his points, which were helpful and kinda made me want to try out these games.  Though a lot of the games are considered old in comparison to how quickly games are being produced and graphics wise.  Looking back on my… Read more →