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See You Space Cowboy

Truth be told, for the past three semesters I’ve always had a class in room 442. The first time I entered that room it was for a rhetoric class. I didn’t do too well. The concepts confused me, I didn’t know how to apply them in or outside of class, the use of screens in

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Identity and Literacy

Writing superheroes: Contemporary Childhood, Popular culture and Classroom Literacy by Anne Dyson explores the ways in which children discover their sense of identity through literacy and play. By studying elementary students during a class period known as Author’s Theatre, Dyson is able to observe the relationships and dynamics of elementary students as they write and

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In Response to Keri

Honestly, i’m not wild about Twitter and these new social medias. I already waste enough time being distracted by my phone, but that’s just me. However I understand the predicament which Keri finds herself in. When we are faced with a new change in our literacy practices, such as joining Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. the process

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Interview with a Pinoy

Howdy everyone. For my literacy narrative I interviewed my grandfather, Victor. He’s 85-years old and still rides a motorcycle. He kicks my ass every time we play Scrabble or chess. He reads novels and memoirs voraciously, and he’s about as old school cool as it gets. The image I picked for the blog is a

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Napoco – Literary Practices

Hello. My Name is Patrick. I’m an English Education Major, I’ve lived in Chico for most of my life and honestly I’m a bit strange. I have an affinity for wearing all black like Wednesday Addams and Johnny Cash. I’m a music enthusiast with a taste for death metal, jazz and hip-hop. I love classic

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