Literacy Narrative -Tice

My original idea was to talk to my grandmother about this.  I tried and it just did not work. So then I figured i have a cousin I will ask him his thoughts on literacy.


Me: Do you know what books are?

J: Oh djo

Me: you just like the light don’t you?

J: ohh yo

Me: So you really like books ?

J: ohidis osdjoah … is doeas isdoa

Me: So amazing!

J: oos dos… is doe …is does doe eo

Me: That is so awesome!

J: -dances around-


While it was entertaining interviewing an 18 month old i knew i was getting nowhere. So i turned focus to his mother.

Me: So no I am going to ask similar questions with a change in the wording. When J gets older are you going to tell him about your efforts to learn to read and write?

K: Oh yeah!. I’m going to tell him like how it was a lot harder for us to learn to read and write. Well you had a lot of teachers who work with you and stuff I pretty sure by the time he’s in school there is not going to be one on one time there to help him read. I know that it is most likely going to go onto me.  I’m going to try to teach him the importance of reading.