Reading together

Perusall logoWe’ll use Perusall to annotate and read together. Link here to Perusall.

Instructions for joining on the Week 1: Getting Situated page.

Writing together

We will our work in Currents to share and respond to ideas. Link Here (log in to Wildcat Mail first)

Instructions for joining on the Week 1: Getting Situated page.

Make Cycle 7: Reflect

Make Cycle 7: Reflect

May 10 & 12: in class support for reflection work.

Reflections and Survey due Wednesday, May 19

Reflection & Survey: 

Due: Wednesday, May 19
20 pts

Option 1: Reflective Essay

Think of this reflection as a kind of manifesto, answering “this is what I believe about literacy learning and teaching…at this moment.” I invite you to write about your work in the course: what have you done well, what have you learned, how have your ideas related to literacy changed throughout this course? If you are a future teacher, what can you use in your future classroom and what kinds of questions do you still have about literacy? Support your ideas by using what you have learned from the course readings, discussions, and assignments. Expect this to be about 3 pages. Share link to Google Doc in Currents (check share settings!)

Option 2: Ignite Talk

You can work individually or in pairs or trios to bring the ideas we’ve considered in class to life in an Ignite Talk. An Ignite talk is 5 minutes with 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds. You can record your talk and share the video with slides. I can walk you through some options for putting slides in your video. No reflection required for this one; just record your talk. Share the link (to YouTube or upload video to your Google Drive) in Currents (check share settings if using Google Drive)

Here are some examples from the Ignite Site.

More examples: Rafi Santos Ignite TalkKim JaxonPeter Kittle and Jane McGonigal

Option 3: Multimodal Reflection

For this option, you control the product, process, materials, and distribution. You’ll include a short reflection about what your purpose is, goals, and what worked and what didn’t. Overall: your product should reflect what you’ve learned about literacy. (*For example, here is the website one trio created and the reflection portion HERE) (And another HERE)

You’ll submit 1) the artifact you created; and 2) a one-page reflection on your goals, and what worked and what didn’t. Share images, links, and reflection in Currents.

No matter which of the three options you choose above, please also take our final survey; thank you! LINK HERE