Reading together

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Time photoOur course invites you to work with data collection and analysis, readings, and discussion around the field of literacy studies



Reflecting (20 points) 

Due: final exam time (Friday, Dec 16th by noon)

Think of this reflection as a kind of manifesto, answering “this is what I believe about literacy learning and teaching…at this moment.” I invite you to write about your work in the course: what have you done well, what have you learned, how have your ideas related to literacy changed throughout this course?

If you are a future teacher, what can you use in your future classroom and what kinds of questions do you still have about literacy?

Support your ideas by using what you have learned from the course readings, discussions, and assignments.

2-4 pages. Fewer than 2 pages, and you’ve probably missed some ideas; more than 4 pages, and you may need to hone in on key takeaways. Share in google doc ( . Thank you!

Example from Orion

Example from Myra