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Reading together

Perusall logoWe’ll use Perusall to annotate and read together. Link here to Perusall.

Instructions for joining Perusall on the Assignments page.

Writing together

We’ll use Currents to share writing. Link here (Log in to Wildcat Mail first)

Instructions for joining Currents on the Assignments page.

Weekly Plans & Reading

Weekly Plans & Reading

Here is a tentative reading schedule and weekly plans. Readings are uploaded in Perusall. I’ll update throughout the semester.

Day 1: Jan 28

Dewey, John. The School & Society. University of Chicago Press, 1900.

hooks, bell. “Engaged Pedagogy.” Chapter 1 from Teaching to Transgress. Routledge, 1994.

Day 2: Feb 4 (why we can’t teach writing “in general”)

Russell, David. “Activity Theory and Its Implications for Writing Instruction.” Reconceiving Writing, Rethinking Writing Instruction. Ed. Joseph Petraglia. Erlbaum, 1995: 51-78.

Day 3: Feb 11 (designs for writing intensive courses)

Downs, Douglas, and Elizabeth Wardle. “Teaching About Writing, Right Misconceptions: (Re)Envisioning ‘First -Year Composition’ as ‘Introduction to Writing Studies.'” College Composition and Communication. 58.4, 2007: 552-583.

Jaxon, Kim, et al. “Epic Learning in a Jumbo Writing Course.” Composition Studies. 48.2 (2020): 117–128.

Day 4: Feb 18 (students ways of working)

Nelson, Jennie. “Reading Classrooms as Text: Exploring Student Writers’ Interpretive Practices.” College Composition and Communication. 46.3 (1995), 411-429.

Purdy, James and Joyce Walker. “Liminal Spaces and Research Identity: The Construction of Introductory Composition Students as Researchers.” Pedagogy. 13.1 (2012), 9-41.

Day 5: consultations (English MA 2:00-3:30; TIL 3:30-4:45)

Day 6: March 4 (students control over ideas)

Shipka, Jody. “A Multimodal Task-Based Framework For Composing.” College Composition and Communication. 57.2 (2005), 277-306.

Day 7: March 11

Selections from Bad Ideas About Writing. Ed by Cheryl Ball and Drew Loewe (2017)

All read and comment in Perusall on Wardle’s “You Can Learn to Write in General” and then choose two other chapters to read and comment on that look interesting to you.

March 25:

Brannon, Lil and C.H. Knoblauch. “On Students’ Rights to Their Own Texts: A Model of Teacher Response.” College Composition and Communication. 33.2 (1982), 157-166.

Sommers, Nancy. “Responding to Student Writing.” College Composition and Communication. 33.2 (1982), 148-156.