The End is Near!! A Reflection…

First off let me start by saying that this semester has been a blast.  I think that I have gotten more out of this class than any other here at csuc. Okay, now on to the actual reflection of what I have learned over the semester. There are different ways that people are literate. A person can be facebook literate… Read more →



Listen Linda, Let me just say, this has been a tremendously informative class. I have learned things I didn’t know were out there to learn (if that makes sense). One of the things that struck me as the greatest shift in mindset I made throughout this semester was the idea that people aren’t becoming more illiterate. We have simply developed… Read more →


Claire: All Done

Genuinely this was my favorite class I’ve had in college. Everything about it was super interesting, even the gaming presentations that I had zero interest in. I feel like this class made me think a bunch and reevaluate how I learn and what my literacy practices are and it all just blew my mind. The tradition sense of literacy is… Read more →


Ideas for Our Reflections

Definitions/conceptions of literacy literacy as doing, as a social practice (Barton) literacy as accomplishing things with reading and writing (Brandt) Girls use literacy to present a particular kind of self. Literate practices served to mark social boundaries (Finders) Literacy as the ability to read and write situates literacy in the individual person, rather than in society. The practices of social… Read more →


Down to the End

Throughout this course I have learned to view “literacy” in a different manner. Literacy has lost the generic meaning of reading and writing and has expanded to encompass all types of expression whether it be classical art, street art, music, dance, languages, facial expressions, etc. By viewing literacy in a new way I have begun to look at the world and… Read more →


Final Reflection

First off, I would like to say that out of all my classes this semster, this was easily my favorite. I remember in the beginning of the class I wouldn’t really want to come just because it hadn’t picked up, and I wasn’t really sure what the class was about. But now, I’m so excited to come to class and… Read more →


Claire: Sorry For The Wait

The hip hop a literacy group was super interesting. I always knew rap was poetry, but I never knew all the specific aspects that actually related lyrics to poetry. It was nice to see their example of using something all student can genuinely relate to being used in a classroom because we could see how that really got the students… Read more →

Article groups

It was interesting seeing the other groups present. Before the groups led activities, I was particularly interested in how the other groups concepts can give me a  more nuanced understanding of literacy; each group pointed out different facets of literacy.  Presentations triggered my curiosity about literacy as a many faceted subject. For example, there was a crucial take away from… Read more →


My very late reflection…

Everyone did such a fantastic job with their article groups! It was so fun being a part of all of the presentations. After reading “Just Girls”, I thought it would be fun to swap over to Hip-Hop and literacy which was awesome! I was so surprised at the raps that everyone came up with, and after reading everyone’s blog posts… Read more →


Article Groups Were Fire

Young Thug, Blue Scholars and Cunnilinguists? Crap what did I get myself into. Hip-hop isn’t my choice in genre but it was my choice for article groups. I didn’t know anything about different rappers or artists. It’s not that I don’t like hip-hop it just doesn’t grab my attention like it does with everyone else. But this isn’t the point.… Read more →


Those article groups though!

“So it’s come down to this huh?” “You knew where this was headed right from the start, friend?” “You lost that honor of friendship long ago!” “IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT” “HAVE AT YOU… what…” “….What?” “What is that?” “…My weapon of mass destruction?” “…Dave you taped copper wire around an extendable toy lightsaber and connected it to some… Read more →