Article Groups Rocked It

All of the groups were extremely informative, and raised some really interesting points. The first group was the Adolescent Identity and Literacy group. They talked a lot about how our identities form at a young age, and we spend most of that time in school. Therefore, school is an integral part of shaping our identities. They also talked about devaluing… Read more →


Hip Hop and Experience Points

I found all of the different presentation groups really interesting, but I particularly enjoyed the hip hop and literacy group and parts of the video games and literacy group. In the hip hop group, I really enjoyed the focus on poetry and the idea of bringing poetry into the classroom through a genre that the students are familiar with and… Read more →


Group Presentations

I thought that each group did an excellent job on their workshops. They each kept the class active while presenting good information about their topics. It was also fun and interesting to participate in the various activities that each group had us do.  Adolescent Literacy In the adolescent literacy workshop some of the ideas I took from the workshop was… Read more →


Lessons From Other’s Lessons

After being in the gaming group for our book club presentation, I thought it would be interesting to switch things up and join the Hip-Hp in literacy group. As a future English teacher of either high school or college, I have begun to approach topics in a way that presents opportunity to steal ideas and incorporate them into future lesson… Read more →

It’s Really Complicated

Group Presentations Overview

During the group presentations, I was able to obtain a lot of information I was still unfamiliar about. For example, the gaming and literacy group was a topic I could not wrap my head around until the day of their presentation. Honestly, I feel like I could not understand it because gaming is not something that is in my whole… Read more →


What I learn

I found all the group presentations a fun and exciting event, each one had their own unique way of involving us which goes to show how creative each one of our groups really are. Adolescent Literacy: First off, being the first of anything is a tough job. The first has to set the standard and can’t even benefit from other… Read more →


Miss One Day…Miss Everything!

If you missed a day you missed way too much stuff. Each article group that presented brought a new and different aspect to the study of literacy and why it is important. Here is some of the things I took away from the week of presentations. Adolescent Literacy: One thing i took away was that adolescents are exposed to more… Read more →


Snaps for Groups

Going into this project I didn’t know what to expect. Sometimes group projects tend to be a flop or lack class participation, but these suffered from none of those difficulties. Everyone involved was engaged, knowledgeable, and willing to participate which made the lessons way more interesting and actually made them extremely fun! For the Video Games I learned the importance… Read more →



“I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, and you don’t stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat” Enough of that. So…how does hip-hop relate to literacy? After reading multiple articles, I now know how to answer that question!… Read more →


My very late update!

Alright, so since I couldn’t get my sh** together this week it’s now Tuesday and I am finally posting. Apologies for the delay! I chose to participate in the Adolescent Literacy group simply because kids are fascinating and it amazes me how effected we are long term by the things that we experience as a child. Our group is largely… Read more →


How do you find your identity?

For my article group, I decided to go for adolescent identity and literacy because I wanted to be able to use my what I learned from my readings of Just Girls for the article groups. In addition, the book was around girls finding their identity through different social groups. Furthermore, in most of our article readings, we are finding a connection with… Read more →


Hip-Hop in the Classroom

At first hip-hop might not sound like an appropriate way to teach students. But after thinking about all the things I remember learning they were often lessons taught through music and rhyme. It works and not only a good tool for the English classroom. After reading several articles about hip-hop being a good tool to use in the class room.… Read more →