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Lots of collaboration in the class. We'll keep track of ideas together.

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Literacy as Accountability

This Is what I believe about literacy learning and teaching…. at this moment. That we are in charge of who is literate and who is not. I have also learned that we participate as teachers, even when we do not think we are, and our practices, then as teachers, enhance or deplete literacy depending on

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Final Reflection: DONE

It is that time of the year to reflect on what I have received from this class as a whole throughout the semester. So a few things I would like to share that I learned about literacy and teaching include literacy between technology, adolescence, gaming, and making.              Literacy is

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Last Post

We have read quite a bit about literacy learning and teaching. We looked through many articles, conducted interviews, and read books. After all this consideration, my beliefs about literacy and learning have changed. I believe all people are literate to some extent in various subjects. This conclusion is drawn in part from the Szwed piece

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Super creative title

Literacy. A word that didn’t really have any meaning to me at the beginning of the semester, but now I have spent 3 months reading, discussing, and writing about this word. So, now I write this final blog post and I ask myself, “What have I learned?” I think that what I have learned the

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Final Reflections…

…’cause it’s a dude looking at a mirror.  IT’S FUNNY.  Moving on… English 332 ended up being less of a giant wake-up for me than it was a solid reinforcement of some ideas I’ve had as far as how to undergo teaching… I guess a common term used to define this transition in the gaming

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Thank you, Jedi Master

     In all honesty I walked into this class feeling completely burnt out even though we had just come back from summer break. English had been something I had loved my entire life. The only thing I was even sort of good at without having to study my booty off for. I grew up

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So much information, so little time

So we’ve arrived at the end… This class was completely surprising.  It didn’t talk about literacy in the way I expected.  It didn’t focus on literacy as specifically learning to read and write and when it did, it expanded our preexisting ideas of what these texts about which the public so desperately needs to learn to

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See You Space Cowboy

Truth be told, for the past three semesters I’ve always had a class in room 442. The first time I entered that room it was for a rhetoric class. I didn’t do too well. The concepts confused me, I didn’t know how to apply them in or outside of class, the use of screens in

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It has no end

Almost everyone in class knows my claim of the first thing I learn but I feel it will be a story I tell when asked about this class, so let’s start this blog off with that C- story once again. The first day in class we were told to do was to write down what

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Game Over: Final Blog Entry In The Codex

The two most joyous times of the year are Christmas morning and the end of school. -Alice Cooper This semester has been quite a ride and I was glad to have been a part of this class. Honestly, when the semester first began I hadn’t been quite sure to expect. My perceptions of literacy were

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the end

The End!

I cannot believe that the first semester of my sophomore year is already over. People really weren’t joking when they said that high school goes by fast, but college flies by. This semester I was really lucky to have such great teachers. It was my first semester that I took major courses, as I just

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And Here Is The End

“End? No, the journey doesn’t end here.” And the journey never ends for us. There are always new paths to take, new people that we include on our journey, and new ideas that change our resolve. I must say that this past semester has rocked every notion of education I have had before to its

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The End is Near!! A Reflection…

First off let me start by saying that this semester has been a blast.  I think that I have gotten more out of this class than any other here at csuc. Okay, now on to the actual reflection of what I have learned over the semester. There are different ways that people are literate. A

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